Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caught up in the hocus pocus, are we?

Yeah, we love the glitz and glam. I can see how Dubai breeds innovation in allowing Armani's dream of a hotel come to life, or providing Tiger Woods with the opportunity to design his dream golf course. But what about breeding innovation and creativity in advertising? Why is it that most questionable campaigns seem to come out of here as well? Are we all that desperate to make it big? Are we all working towards solidifying Dubai's reputation as the creative hotspot in the region, or better yet, the world? By the looks of things, we're all ruled by the looks of things. It's a fact: we do love to put on a show, and the Dubai Lynx is no exception.

Because it's certainly no NGO working for no profit. It is to their advantage to "craft" cash cow categories and just ask for client blessings, setting up rules and regulations just to be politically correct. But who are they kidding, do they not live in the Middle East like the rest of us? Rules are meant to be bent and broken here. So where's the follow up? Where's the investigation of the media plan? Where's any semblance of self worth and dignity? Shame...


  1. Learn how to spell, you idiot. Bread is something you eat. The word is "breed".

  2. i stande corected. i did'nt reelize huw yoo'd bi hangin onn mie evry werd, geting hung upp awn muy baad speling, insted of geting hung upp on otherr peeple's baad werk.

    PS: Maybi yoo can pleaze shair you're contakt detayles so that i cancalll yoo four proofreeding servises? thnx

  3. Hmm, let's refer to your "About Me" section: "I'm someone who hates anyone insulting my intelligence." Obviously I struck a nerve. Your attempts to mock me just make you look even less intelligent. Especially because it wasn't a simple spelling error; you had used a word with a completely different meaning, in not one, but two locations. Normally proofreaders don't have to look out for a total lack of English comprehension.

    As for your claim that your site is about other peoples' bad work (I took the liberty of correcting your grammar on that one), that's a pretty bold statement from a guy whose only method of getting any attention at an awards show is to make wild claims about others. Maybe if you had any talent yourself, you could satisfy your craving for the spotlight by actually winning some awards. But I guess that's out of the question for you. It's much easier to just appoint yourself judge of the Middle East advertising world, despite the fact that you and your agency are irrelevant when it comes to any form of advertising.

  4. I'm a bit confused... isn't the ghost buster anonymous? Then how come we are all telling him/ her to actually win something. Maybe he / she has?

    Even if he hasn't... Do I have to win an oscar to critic a movie? Or can I only comment on bad food if I'm a chef? come on, please drop this lame argument.

    I understand that as a creative someone might have worked hard and is proud of their work (whether it's real or ghost) and it's annoying to see someone bring it to light negatively... but if you're so confident that your ad is genuine.. there's no need to be upset at all now is there? and there's no reason to hate the messenger.

    If it weren't for the ghost buster, I would have been under the impression that all the ads are real and I would have been really quite impressed. now not so much.