Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Industry Learns from the Best

Adapt. Adopt & Improve.
Good job everyone. This year, you've surely had the pleasure of following in the footsteps of the great Fadi Yaeesh by playing it safe. No Jesus, no naked girls, no make-believe products, and no replicas of existing ads. At least there's improvement. Whether or not the quality of advertising in outdoor and print advertising in the lives of citizens in the Middle East is improving, is a totally different story. But we can't deny how good people are getting in covering their tracks. Mr. Yaeesh last year explored all possible methods to stretch the rules for a research he was conducting to complete a masterpiece of work he calls "What not to do when submitting a ghost ad to the Lynx Jury" (Apparently, from everyone's submissions, it was a best seller)

Not only have creatives worked on themselves, but the Lynx Festival has also improved! They opened up a totally new category for all the production houses in Asia that are participating every year under the names of their respective agencies. After all, a category had to be created in honor of their stunningly crafted pieces of retouched and 3D work for ads whose life expectancy drops the moment the ceremony comes to a close and everyone hits the bar. As for the rest of the Middle East population not consuming alcohol, they will remember for sure that they have not seen them. And so the bordello of ads by the industry for the industry continues...

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