Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scam in the first degree!

Ah, the frustration! This year's Lynx seems to be not just the 4th edition, but an unlimited edition, of the Dubai International Scam Advertising Festival. And to think we would have learnt from last year. Or the year before! Come on guys, isn't this getting old? Aren't you just the least bit curious how creative minds suddenly burst forth award-winning ideas on the eve of the ceremony? Why does our industry need to run a show? Why can't we run consumer's heartfelt emotions and actions instead? We're selling ourselves short each and every year.

OK, so let's get down and dirty. Let's separate the scum from the sludge. Sure, this may be a daunting task when we take a look at the OOH and print categories, but let's be optimistic realists: I am a firm believer in the law, the law that dictates almost every print and outdoor shortlisted is really guilty until proven innocent. Doesn't that make things easier? So for anyone who has miraculously spotted any of the below candidates more than once, or even once, in any magazine, on any street corner, in any city, please do let me know so that I change their verdict. Believe me, I desperately want to believe in magic! In true magic that reaches real people, not just secret magic that reaches nothing other than the judging committee. Let us wish upon a star…

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